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An Outreach Overview

outreachWhen we evaluated ourselves during January’s Annual Meeting Small Group Focus Sessions, Outreach rated high on what we do well and what we are known for in the community. With a new Vicar arriving, this may be a good time to review our programs.

*Nutritious non- perishable food items are given to the Keohoula Church to help stock the Food Bank there which helps to supplement local households wherever money is limited and food may be scarce.

*The Women Helping Women Shelter serves Maui women and children in crisis who need to escape abusive situations. It provides not only secure housing, but also counseling and education. Trinity collects personal sized toiletries, feminine hygiene supplies, baby diapers,/wipes, laundry and dish detergents and paper towels/tissues/toilet paper. Gently used and clean twin bed sheets are also needed.

*Change for Change makes a difference with your coins (and bills) going to help with Mariana’s health care and educational costs in impoverished Bolivia.
*Used greeting card fronts are sent to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children where they are made into new cards and sold as fund raisers for their programs.
*Used Postage Stamps are sent to the Wounded Warrior Organization and given to ambulatory Veterans for art projects.

*A Cup of Cold Water ministers to Maui’s homeless – providing supplies, love, and prayer directly to them wherever they are clustered. Our Van is always in need of T-shirts (Xxtra large sizes), rubber slippers, caps, socks, board shorts, towels (can be gently used, but clean) as well as cases of bottled water. Loose pennies don’t buy much but they can still be put in the Mile of Pennies Jar to raise money for ACCW. One mile of pennies equals $844.80!

Now, are you feeling overwhelmed by all of these Outreach requests? Please don’t be!

Donations to any of our ministries doesn’t need to be a huge expense …. a bottle of water, a can of non-perishable food, loose pocket change, travel sized toiletries, an unused towel or outgrown t-shirt, and even the canceled stamp from your mail! There’s a spot for all of these things on our Welcome Table – and lots of small donations add up to making a big difference! BOGO is a new marketing gimmick – Buy one, Get one (free) …. how about Buy one, Give one? (and then feel good!)

Of course all of our Outreach ministries are grateful for the help of donations; but let’s also give our intentional prayers for ALL of our recipients – that their immediate needs may be met while preserving their personal dignity, that reasonable job opportunities and affordable housing may become available, physical, safety, and emotional issues can be addressed and that they may feel God’s Love through our words and actions!

Does This Describe Us?
All are welcome here …
disciples and doubters,
sinners and saints
wanderers and wonderers
young and young at heart
insiders and outsiders!
All of God’s children are welcome in this community … as we
worship together
learn together
serve together
pray together
play together
seeking to follow Jesus in our everyday lives!