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Worship Committee

January 15, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Kilolani Hall

In our last Bishop’s Committee meeting, we discussed the formation of a worship committee to direct the decisions and actions the body of the church makes as we move forward. The Exec Comm stepped in initially to fill this role as we needed immediate action with the resignation of our Vicar, but this should be a more thought out process that brings meaning to all members of Trinity. All of you are vital to this church and the direction we take, and I hope you will offer your contribution of ideas and assistance in our worship decisions.

I know many of you on the list have expressed interest in being on the committee and would like to participate.  As such, we would like to convene the first meeting of the Worship Committee next Wednesday, the 15th of January at 1 pm in Kilolani Hall.  We are holding the meeting at this time so that we can include Mark McDill as he is integral to the process and preparing the service bulletins, etc.

I hope any/all of you who can make it will join us.  I know there are others that have been suggested to join the committee that may not be on the list.  If you would like to invite them to this meeting, they are very welcome. 

If you cannot join the first meeting in person but would like to be a part of future meetings, please let me know.  If you can join this meeting by conference call instead of being present, we can plan for that as well.  

Things we will be discussing are supply priest scheduling, preparation of weekly materials, direction of the worship services, selecting the Chair(s) for the committee, etc.  Mark will be presenting the process he goes through in preparing for each service and the liturgical decisions needed.

Another point for discussion will be an optimal regular date and time and location for the Worship Committee meetings going forward.   We will try to accommodate everyone’s schedule but will likely choose a time that works for the highest number of participants.  If you cannot join this first meeting but would like to offer your availability for future meetings, please send me an email with details of preferred dates/times/locations to meet.

Mahalo nui loa for all you do for Trinity!


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